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 Talent Hunt Competition

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PostSubject: Talent Hunt Competition   Talent Hunt Competition Icon_minitimeMon Dec 18, 2006 12:05 am

Do u know what talent u have in your ownself?

If YES, then we give u da opportunity to show off your talents...

Do u know how?

Ok. Let me explain it.

Do u know 2





stamp collection?

attracting any gals or boys?


good business man?

brilliant student?


good in maths, science or any subjects?

good chef? or know cooking?

you know 2 eat too much, that others cannot eat?

are you a good wap or web master?

or anything else in which you are unique & nobody can beat you in your talent?

then here we give you opportunity 2 show off all your talents 2 whole world & tell them what you can do, that other's can't.

it's very simple 2 participate in this competition....

there is no rules for this competition...

all you have 2 do is just post in this forum as many times as you can & tell us what talent you have in yourself & challenge other's for the competition...

if any members has guts for accepting challenges & tell others that you can beat them, then simply go ahead & accept the challenges...

Few Points You Need To Remember:-

1) No useless posting (topic should be related to the talents only).

2) No spamming in this forum.

3) No abusing or using any aggressive languages towards any members.

4) For showing off your talents you need to have proof that you are really experts then other's.

For Example:-

If you are a good singer, then record your original voice that you have sang, & post the link here or put it as attachements.

If you are a gal & look beautiful then other any gal's or if you are a boy & look handsome then any other guys, just show off your foto's here for proof.

If you are a good dancer, then post your videos here.

If you are good runner then just tell in the post that how much u can run & do you have any experiece of running?

If you a good chef or know cooking, just post recipes here, that nobody else has cooked so far.

If you are a good wap or web master, then you need 2 post your site links here & tell us what have you done for your site & why your site is unique then other's.

Quote :
(Remember you cannot post link for advertising purpose nor you can post link for spamming. Only owner's of the site can post link for competition & your site should have a good contents.

Note:- No adult site is allowed for posting link in the competition. If we find any sorts of adult jokes/ foto's/ videos/ movies/ wallpapers/ shayari's etc as adult stuff or porn contents in your site then your IP will be immediatley banned from this site & your post will be deleted. so plz do not post unnecessarily links. Only if you are good wap or web master then only you can post your links here & participate for this competition.)

If you are having talent of creativity, then post here those stuff in which you have done sum good creativity as an artist...

If you are a good painter, then show us your painting....

If you have done any fashion designing course & has design any costumes for yourself or for other's, then show us those foto's....

If you are having good acting talent, then just post the videos of your original acting, lets other's see you & challenge you for acting.

If you are good in studies & you have scored top in your school or college or graduation or post-graduation, then post here your name, schools or colleges name, your marks, your percentage & in which subject you was highest. This info will help other's 2 know more about you...

So don't wait & start showing your talents 2 other members...

If you are guest then register now 2 show off your talents & if you are already member in this site, then just login & start posting.

Remember we are the First People to start wid this competition, u never knows when & how your luck star will change your life for ever after showing your talents....

We know there are many people in this world who has many talents but don't get the opportunity for showing their talents.

And that's why we brought this competition for you...

If you are best or you are better then the best & come & show all your talents, doesn't matters what you can show & what you cannot...

What matter's is how you will show your talents.

Remember there are few people who gets loads of opportunities in there life, but all don't get success...

May be you are one of them who has not got any success...

We dont ask anything much from you, just little time to show your talents & may be you will reach on top of the world, when you will come to know that you have a hidden talents that nobody knows, so come & explore yourself for this competition...

This competition will not be opened for ever so grab your talents now, to gain more opportunities in future...

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Talent Hunt Competition
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